Even the cheapest piece of steak can tickle one’s taste much more, beyond any other fancy atmosphere in a luxurious restaurant, where the steak seems to have rhythm, a story related to the drying age process and some beef history included in the price as well.

However, for some of us, the higher price won’t be an obstacle for our eyes, taste, and smell to have so much fun together, once we tried a really great, unforgettable medium rare dry-age beef steak, the one medium rare steak.

But how about trying three different steaks at three different price points in order to find out which one is actually the most worth it as price?

The Uncle John’s Café steak comes up with not just one 11$ piece of New York marinated steak with soy sauce, garlic, salt and pepper, but also fried eggs and rice plus pancakes under the same price, an interesting strategy of the business to have other items on the menu which help outweigh the cost of the steak. The approach makes it an exciting breakfast or one of the best meals one has ever had in his/her life and one cannot argue that it is not worth it.

But the things are getting more exciting with Nick and Stef’s Steakhouse, once we find out about the 28 days dry-age beef steak and the reasons behind the process itself- the tenderizing of the meat in a controlled level. So in this way, the less moisture is in the meat, the deeper and more intensified flavor the steak has. You could forget about yourself and have a journey of tastes while feeling the caramelized crust on the outside, a truly satisfying savory taffy.

For the end, we kept the fancier meat, a piece of Japanese New York steak, coming from some cattle that have been bred for thousands of years. Basically, you will know who are you eating today, because the restaurant has a certificate that traces all about the beef family back 80 years. Perhaps some details create the main difference in taste such as: when the chef grills the meat over white oak and charcoal and then it is flashed in a 12-hundred-degree griller, brushed with a little garlic butter and fleur de sel. All of these details reflect a cooking process that the chef starts feeling with time and becomes like a flow. The fat marbled into every single bite that you get could make you pay around 306 $, but it’s actually worth it if you want to be truly surprised or surprise your friend as taste. 

Let us know if you had the chance to enjoy a steak meal in any of these places and how it was from your point of view.