Whether you are super lazy, really busy or you want to impress someone dear to you, it’s always good to have in your pocket at least few recipes which you can adapt to according to your time and why not, love for beef steak.

We brought for you on the stage, three recipes that not only will ease up your everyday lunch/dinner cooking but will wake up in you the desire to dive more into steak cooking techniques. There are some details along the way for each recipe, so we are going to work with clear steps because the best things come with clear, small steps.

We did not pick by accident the specific beef cuts, we mostly based our choice on time needed for the way we cooked the steaks and which cut of meat has the best marbling and tenderness combination balanced by the chosen cooking time frame.

Let’s begin with the steak characters out there that play the most in each recipe:

  • the seared soy honey hanger steak having as companion some greens such as arugula
  • the reverse seared bone-in rib-eye steak which was plated together with a lovely cheesy garlic bread
  • the rib-eye cap steak, one of our favorite cuts of meat, cooked in sous vide- an easy steak cooking technique that you’ll find out more about in just a few lines later on

The first recipe should take you about 5 minutes from your entire day and bring you in return the hanger taste with a bit of freshness next to it. So if you are in a big hurry, hanger meat is cooked very fast and has a great combination of marbling and soft texture. Also for this recipe, the hanger can be swapped up for skirt steak, if you want to.

Your key ingredients are:

  • always salt and pepper for seasoning
  • equal quantities of soy and honey, preferable one tablespoon of each
  • arugula or any other greens you like
  • hanger steak and oil for searing the beef meat
  • a skillet for steak searing

Within 5-minutes, your cooking steps are:]

  1. preheating your skillet with oil
  2. measuring the soy and honey parts representing the finishing glaze of your five minutes-steak
  3. seasoning the cut of meat with salt

Later on, when you are going to make the final plating, you’ll add the extra beat of heat by seasoning the steak with pepper as well,

4. throwing some greens that you like on your presentation plate

We picked arugula for this.

5. searing the steak for one minute and a half each side

After you have achieved the needed searing time (about 3 minutes) for medium-rare, add the soy honey glaze and let it blend, bubble with your caramelized steak for a few seconds before taking the cut of meat out. Remember to rest the steak for about a minute or so.

For finishing your plate, slice the glazed steak and put it on a bed of soy sauce, next to arugula. Don’t waste any other drop of the remaining sauce because you can adapt it as a dressing for the salad. That’s all you needed for a tasty, super-fast 5-minutes cooking steak.

Let’s continue with a second scenario for those with a bigger time frame for cooking- the fifty-minutes recipe, by choosing now a bone-in rib-eye cut of meat. You’ll notice here the distribution of the fat between muscle and the steak’s shape in the form of an eye with its cap area- the best part of the rib-eye.

The recipe involves two parties though, not only the reverse seared rib-eye steak but also the lovely cheesy garlic bread next to it.

For steak cooking you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • salt and pepper for seasoning
  • butter
  • Rosemary and garlic
  • oil for searing
  • baking sheet with a rack
  • a bone-in rib-eye cut of meat
  • a cast-iron skillet for steak searing

And for the cheesy garlic bread you’ll use the following ingredients:

  • minced garlic
  • salt
  • butter
  • grated cheese (two types of cheese would be great)
  • sliced bread
  • some foil

So during 50-minutes,  your cooking steps are:

  1. seasoning the cut of meat with salt and pepper
  2. putting the rib-eye on a baking sheet with a rack which will allow the air to circulate underneath
  3. leaving the cut of meat in the oven for about 40 minutes, until the internal temperature reaches 125 Fahrenheit degrees
  4. mincing and crushing the garlic together with the salt
  5. chopping some parsley
  6. gracing the cheese
  7. slicing the bread
  8. mixing cheese, parsley, garlic paste and butter
  9. covering the bread slices with the cheese garlic mixture
  10. wrapping the cheesy bread in foil and then putting it in the oven for 10 minutes and 350 Fahrenheit degrees temperature until the cheese is bubbly

In this series of steps, you finally came to the moment when the steak should be taken out and prepared for searing. Sear the steak for about 20 seconds each side and in the last part of the searing go with the butter, garlic, and rosemary.

 Baste the steak to infuse it even more with the garlic and rosemary’ fragrance. Reuse the aromatic oil remained after the searing as a drop of sauce for the steak. 

Remember always to rest the steak before slicing it for the plating and finally gather all the elements for the final picture of a simple, lovely reverse-seared rib-eye steak with cheesy garlic bread.

Now let’s finish with the longest ever cooking recipe perhaps from your entire life- a five-hours rib-eye cap steak. You’d better start cooking it after you already had lunch or breakfast because cooking for so long is meant to impress your dear ones or lose yourself in the flow of steak cooking not for satisfying fast your hunger. But we think it’s worth it in the end.

Now let’s finish with the longest ever cooking recipe perhaps from your entire life- a five-hours rib- eye cap steak. You’d better start cooking it after you already had lunch or breakfast because cooking for so long is meant to impress your dear ones or lose yourself in the flow of steak cooking not for satisfying fast your hunger. But it’s worth it afterward because we think it’s one of the best cuts of meat, like a filet mignon, super tender and amazing as marbling and flavor.

The ingredients you’ll need are:

  • as usual salt and pepper for seasoning
  • a sealed bag and a machine which is meant to circulate the water as well as maintain the temperature, set at 126 Fahrenheit degrees for four hours
  • a cast-iron skillet for the searing steak part
  • a string surrounding the steak for giving it a uniform, rounded shape
  • a pan for the wine sauce
  • a red wine that you like
  • few tablespoons of brown sugar for the sauce seasoning
  • equal quantities of wine and beef stock- one and a half cups
  • a couple of tablespoons of flour mixed with softened butter until it becomes a paste
  • one pound of potatoes
  • a lot of extra butter used for mashed potatoes and wine sauce
  • milk for the mashed potatoes
  • asparagus

Cooking method refers to:

  1. sous vide cooking technique which means cooking the food in a sealed bag under a water bath at a fixed temperature for about four hours in our case.
    So as we mentioned in the beginning, you have to cook the steak in a first phase, using the sous-vide method, then later you will sear the cut of meat for getting its caramel color crust. But for now, stick to the sous vide.
  2. red wine sauce preparation under heat in a sauce-pan, until it starts to bubble
  3. mixing of the bubbling hot wine with the mixture of butter and flour until they get evenly incorporated

    On this cooking step, immediately whisk the wine together with the paste of butter and make sure there are no lumps. You’ll see in a couple of seconds a bright and thick in color wine sauce that you should season with a couple of tablespoons of brown sugar. Take it off the heat and add more butter in it because this will give a better flavor and it will cool down the sauce as well.
  4. boiling of a pound of potatoes
    Set aside your wine sauce and work further for the well-known mashed potatoes, seasoning and adding to it a lot of butter and some milk. Pass all this mixture through a sieve to make it even more creamy.
  5. meanwhile taking out the steak from the water
    On this step, you have to take out your cut of meat and pad its surface before searing it.
  6. searing phase for steak and asparagus
    Here, you need to flip the cut of meat on every 20 seconds for each side. After noticing the crust, take it out and let it rest. Reuse the beef fat from the searing and toss some asparagus in it for about three minutes.
  7. the removing of the string surrounding the steak
  8. slicing the steak
  9. arranging the final plate

As a final touch, for the plating blend all the colors that cooked, the one from the wine sauce- your beautiful dark red with the gradual red-pink fan of steaks slices, then bring your goldish white from the mashed potatoes and the caramelized green you made from your seared asparagus.

After such a significant amount of time of jumping from one step to another, finally, you can enjoy eating for real the explosion of tastes. 

We hope that we brought some curiosity and made you try any of these lovely easy to do recipes. Do you have any other cooking ideas for similar time frames? We would like to know your thoughts about this.