About Us

Dear curious reader, or someone already corrupted as a steak lover,

Sometimes we are just like you, craving to find something diverse in the way we cook a steak or perhaps, hunting for more cooking knowledge and inspiration when it comes about anything new or unknown about steaks.

Other times we intersect our ordinary lives and careers in small passions such as steak cooking, and we try to enjoy everything along with our . We try to make our life tastier.

What do we actually want through this blog?

  • We want for you straightforward cooking steps, a clear picture of the cooking process or method used, helpful tips, and a few cooking myths to discover as well.
  • We want you to be hungry for a cooking challenge, especially in case you were only enjoying a good steak by ordering it in a restaurant.

What do we think while you’re reading between our lines?

Well, at least we like to think that we don’t pitch you, and really, this is not our intention.

We try in a decent way to scratch the surface regarding the steak cooking processes together with you, to give you better cooking intuition and details that honestly must be felt and tried by yourself.We simply try to call you for a fantastic steak cooking.

And the last part from our thoughts is about you, imagining you trying out recipes/cooking way with the help of our cooking stories and sharing with us your ideas as well, anything about deliciously melting into your mouth steaks.

Cheers for your next fantastic steaks! 🙂