This article is about teaching you to be a steak tailor as well.

Tailoring the meat is not an easy thing to do. However, it’s essential to know how to cut, for example, the loin, because in case you want to cook further the loin’s filet part (loin’s eye), you will need your steak’s tailoring skill.

That’s why we considered useful stressing out a few essential steps for cutting a piece of a loin without wasting any of the meat and having in the end almost perfect slicing of the filet.

Cutting method:

Step 1. So start with a pork loin on the bone from which you want to take out the eye of the meat.

Step 2. Notice the T-shaped bone that is going through, having a blade and a base that you want to take off.

Step 3. Use bendy flexible knives, done purposely for slicing.

Step 4. Come down off the back’s meat, slice slowly through and start to open the loin up, cutting in.  

Step 5. Come down the ridge and be careful not to slice to the eye of meat.

Step 6. Hold the meat by its fat layer, and as you go down with your knife, pull the meat against the bone and lift it as you cut more and more.

Step 7. Turn the knife around the eye of meat, firmly hold it and slide it down.

Step 8. As you go around the eye of meat, cut carefully along the ribs.

Step 9. Follow the ribs’ shape, as you cut, continue to pull back the meat. Check all the time what you are doing.

Step 10. Stay close the bone till its end.

Step 11. You should see the loin separated by the bone by now.

Step 12. From now on, you will work with the eye of meat and the thick skin of fat on top of it.

Step 13. Turn the filet over, flat side down.

Step 14. It’s enough to come down a little bit into the layer of fat and cut it gently.

Step 15.  Then put your thumb inside of the fat layer opening, nick a little bit through the pocket of fat and pull off the eye from the thick fat layer.

Step 16. Trim the eye up, to leave just a little cap of fat.

Step 17.  Size the filet up. Lightly mark the cut of meat by starting with the middle point and mark further the next middle point from the previous mark and so on.

Step 18. Grip the meat using your fingers, stop the wobbling and let the knife do the work.

Step 19. Slice down and as you move to the downside, continue to hold the almost-sliced meat.

And there you have your slices, ready for a delicious sear. 

Try this out on your own, because afterward, the steak tailoring is more like a work of art bounded by your needs and the principle of not wasting your meat :-).