If there is one cooking method in this tiny world that matches so well to any cut of meat, veggies, fruits, even deserts, it would be the grilling. Being subjective or not about it, grilling remains one of the tastiest cooking ways that combines a super-fast simplicity and deeper flavors which seem to fit in any context of one’s life.

Grilling is about the tastiest flipping and in case you were wondering about the most important details related to it, look no further. Either you have a gas or charcoal grill and you want to cook a fantastic beef steak, a few simple steps will work each time.

Grilling method:

  1. Take your favorite cut of meat. We chose this time three beef steaks such as porterhouse, rib-eye steak, and fillet. However, you can adapt to whatever meat you enjoy eating.
  2. Drizzle the steak with at least a bit of plain extra virgin olive oil. We used here for drizzling, a rosemary garlic olive oil. Season the steak with salt and fresh ground pepper.
  3. Meanwhile, you should have already prepared the charcoal/gas grill for grilling the steak (have a look at one of our articles about the way you should light your charcoal grill) and now it’s time for oiling it. You can use an oil spray, or a paper towel dipped in oil for this covering-up.
  4. Set your steak on the grill and let it rest there for about five minutes per side. You may see some flames trying to grab the steak but don’t move the meat after these needed minutes. A good rule of thumb is for every inch of thickness is about ten minutes to get a medium consistency. But to be truly sure, go and invest in an instant-read thermometer because why you should guess the temperature when you don’t have to.
  5. After about 10 minutes you’ll have the caramel-like color on both sides and some grill marks as well, it would be time to take your steak out.
  6. One step you want to do at this point is to seal the cuts of meat with a little bit of butter. Rub the butter all over and just let it melt into your steak, dress up the plate having your steak with a piece of foil and rest it for about half the time that you’ve been cooking it.

So we cooked these for about 125 Fahrenheit degrees for medium-rare, but if you want to cook it a little bit more, 140 degrees means medium and beyond that temperature is going to check for doneness.

And here you finally have it, simple steps for grilling that should work each time. We are curious to find out what else did you grilled!